Have a gifted child interested in science or mathematics but don't know the best resources for them?

You've come to the right place. I have extensive personal experience through almost a decade of non-traditional education from leaving elementary school at age 7 to beginning college at age 15, and grad school at 18.

I've worked with private tutors, participated in several summer camps, many gifted-specific programs, and more programs at an early age. Over the course of my education, I've studied at three California Community Colleges and three University of California campuses, and taught over 350 students in physics and mathematics.

Interested in learning more about having me as an advisor?

Send me a message! We can discuss what I can do for you and my rates based on your specific situation in a brief complimentary phone call.

Looking for a tutor as well?

I can find resources for any gifted child, make a curriculum, and provide regular enrichment through tutoring.

Why Jacob?

What sets me apart from the rest?

Not only do I have a broad range of personal experience and individual perspective through my own unique path and within the gifted-and-talented community, I know many other individuals with similarly accelerated and equally unique paths who I can consult for you if your needs are outside my expertise.

Want to learn more about Jacob?

I've written a bit about my background on my about page. I can advise you about all of the resources I've used and my experiences with them, and also many other resources I have recommended to my students.