Take a look at what some of my former students have to say about my teaching and tutoring!

Elementary Students

"Jacob is awesome!"

"He is not only a great tutor, but a great role model for kids who are interested in math but are tired of the 'kill and drill' at school. He understands how young minds work, because he WAS that kid not too long ago! I can't say enough good things about him except hire him!" 

– Santa Monica Mother

"Great with advanced learners!"

"Jacob was able to work with my two daughters who are advanced but very different in their learning styles.  He found ways to challenge and engage them, and has really helped foster a love of math."

– Rosali L., Los Angeles Mother

"Jacob is an incredible, talented tutor."

"He was able to create the right methodology to teach my child in a fun and effective way. He also was very caring and creative. My daughter felt very enthusiastic to learn with him in each session. I highly recommend Jacob."

– Sandra P., Los Angeles Mother

University Students

"[Jacob] used the Socratic method with his students…"

"...so that instead of directly learning the material, we would develop a strong general skill set for approaching problems in lab and in real life. He could immediately sense if a student was doing work in order to get credit rather than to be able to apply and really grasp the subject material. In this case, he would make sure (and even follow up with the students) that they could apply the material in unfamiliar ways. Finally, for the students who showed special interest in the subject, he did them the greatest favor by challenging them to go further in their understanding and giving them problems and situations to think about on their own."

UCSD Physics Student

"There are some things textbooks won't teach you!"

"I had Jacob as my Assistant TA for my electronics lab class. I didn't know a single thing about circuits before taking the course, but with Jacob's deep understanding, clear explanations, and general availability, I was able to confirm my knowledge of the subject. There are some things textbooks won't teach you--in my case, troubleshooting circuits--but with Jacob around to help guide me, I was able to learn this on the fly. I have full confidence in his ability to teach other areas in his expertise in a similar fashion."

– Raj C., UCLA Physics Student

"Best TA I've ever dealt with."

"Jacob has struck an amazing balance between knowledgeability and approachability. This man has a real talent for gauging the problem that someone is dealing with and providing tailored responses for any individual's misunderstanding. I believe his natural talent for providing instruction stems from a clear passion for the natural sciences and good heart. He would make a great tutor and a great professor."

– Gerald Y., UCLA Physics Student

"Jacob encourages students to think for themselves…"

"…and come to conclusions through guided instruction. He is well-informed and knows the course material well, and uses this knowledge to point students in the right direction when it comes to understanding how circuits work and demonstrate the formulas presented in the class."
UCSD Physics Student

"I have never had someone explain concepts so clearly and concisely."

"Jacob's ability to educate is readily apparent. As my teaching assistant for an introductory electronics course, Jacob intuitively explained complex circuits. In an acoustics lab, he proved to be both extensively knowledgable about experiments and attentive to the needs and difficulties of his students. With him, you are receiving a patient, understanding, and caring mentor."

– Edmund L., UCLA Physics Student