Looking for personalized assistance in physics or math?

I've been a private tutor in physics and mathematics since 2015, and a teaching assistant in the physics departments at UCLA and UCSD since 2017. In total, I've had over 350 students with diverse backgrounds and needs from advancement to remedial to enrichment.

In addition, my several years as a student at the Stanford Online High School affords me the unique ability to offer fully-remote tutoring without compromising the quality of my instruction.

Custom curricula or following a class?

No problem either way! I can design a custom curriculum just for you, or one based on an established course at any level, which can either be firm or flexible as we progress. Or, if you're in a class already, we can work on that or dig deeper in parallel.

Interested in hiring me?

If you are interested in hiring me for tuition in physics and mathematics, please contact me with a bit of background, your needs, some preferred availability and quantity of time.

Please note, my tutoring rates are based on the number of hours and the length of commitment you desire, but not the level of material, since I spend time outside of the teaching sessions to ensure my tutoring is of the highest quality at all levels of study.

Learn better with others?

I am also more than happy to accommodate groups of any size, composed of students studying the same material. My structured approach allows my students to learn from me and each other, maximizing their learning, even online!

If you have any questions about what services I can offer, please feel free to ask!